турбофорекс отзывы
турбофорекс отзывы

Morro de Areia

Rabil – Chaves Beach (STOP) – Morro de Area – Shark beach (STOP) – Chaves Beach (STOP) – back to Rabil…

Excursion through beaches and dunes going towards West. Once we reach the “never ending” beach of Chaves, we will be driving along the sea shore up to the old chimney of the brick factory.
We will then head towards Rabil passing trough the natural salt pit.
Eventually if clients want we can stop for a swim in Chaves Beach but 10 minutes maximum.

Escursione Morro de Areia

Departure location: Sal Rei
Return location: Sal Rei
Departure time:
Iberostar: 14:15
Touareg: 14:30
New Hhorizon: 14:30
Sal-Rei: 14:30
Marine Club: 14:40
Karamboa: 14:45
Prices: 65,00€ (double bike for 2 person)
55,00€ single bike.
Possibility to book private and / or personal excursions